The Art of Closing the Deal
The Art of Closing the Deal
Traditionally, closing a deal with a customer consists of achieving a delicate balance between push and pull: the salesman pushing and the customer resisting until one party - preferably the customer - gives way. Times are changing and achieving the balance has become difficult in the digital age.The Art of closing the deal

Being able to make a sale usually means a salesperson is outgoing and good at reading people. Assessments were in the past based on the bottom line: how many sales were made. Nowadays, sales focus on quality over quantity by looking at the customer’s needs first and foremost.

Follow these six steps to improve your chances of closing a deal:

1. Know your target market. Make use of big data to narrow your search for new customers and discover how exactly you and your product can assist them. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ( is a suite of tools that will intelligently analyse your customer data to identify new opportunities and help you understand your customer.

2. When you organise a sales meeting with a potential customer, find out as much about them as possible. Visit their LinkedIn profile to see their professional interests, do a Google search to see what they’re up to and how they contribute to social media or business media, and, if they are well-known, gently ask around to see what people think of them and what people know of them. This will allow you to prepare.

3. Have a strategy prepared to sell your product. Knowing about your potential customer will help you to show that you truly care about their business, as people can sense when you’re simply putting on a show. Also, thoroughly prepare your sales pitch, determining answers to every possible question and pitfall that may pop up. It is also important to know how your company is better than your nearest competitor - using this as leverage is excellent in closing a deal.

4. Aim to speak directly to the person who makes all the decisions. Even if you end up chatting to someone merely representing this person, speak as though you are talking to the decision-maker. Remember that you can make use of Windows 10 ( on all your devices and portable gadgets to make finding your files on the Cloud and sharing them a breeze - use these devices to impress your client with videos, slides, and presentations to show you are thorough and dedicated, and well-prepared.

5. Add an incentive to the deal with an expiry date. The client will believe they are benefiting from the deal by gaining a little something extra, over and above the excellent service or product you are offering.

6. Get everything down in writing and always follow through on everything you’ve offered or promised.