Post-Conference Sharing: How to Share What You’ve Learnt
Post-Conference Sharing: How to Share What You’ve Learnt
Post-Conference Sharing: How to Share What You’ve LearntSo you’ve attended that important conference, networked with too many people to remember, made lists of contacts, made books worth of notes, and even bought the t-shirt. But what to do with all that information?
Often only a few individuals have the opportunity to attend conferences with the result that many teams or staff members lose out on the knowledge that can be gained from informative sessions and the overall experience. It’s more difficult if the individual who attended the conference is not sure how to convey the information in a useful or coherent way.

Here are five tips on how to share what you’ve learnt effectively:

1. If you are good at oral presentations or talking from the hip, talk to your team as soon as possible so that the benefits and highlights of the conference are still fresh in your mind. Invite your colleagues to ask questions and answer them to the best of your ability. This is also an excellent time to discover what knowledge you are missing and formulate a plan for further research. If you’re asked to speak about the conference a month down the line…it’s too late and this will affect your performance.

2. Come up with a list of the five most important lessons you’ve taken from the conference. Prepare these highlights and a basic summary of what they are in a way that suits your style: if you’re not too creative, lay them out in a flow chart; if you have a flair for design, put together and infographic; if you’re good at presentations, make one, share it, and present it. The key is to work with your own strengths to collate your knowledge. Share your creation with your team through the Cloud or social media: they will find it easier to digest the information in outline-format, especially if you link to other resources such as your notes, online videos of the sessions, or other online content.

3. Make use of media packs. Conference organisers often collate speakers’ lectures and other useful notes and resources in a pack for journalists to make use of after the conference is over. Come into contact with the organisers and ask for such a pack, making photocopies of everything you believe is important to your business to share with your team.

4. Organise vendor demonstrations. If you met organisations with products that could aid your business, arrange for these suppliers to present their products to your team. Invite members of your team to evaluate these products in terms of their usefulness to your business so they feel involved in any decision-making processes.

5. Session presenters are often accessible - if not in person, then online. Try organise a webinar or question-and-answer session with a presenter that made an impact on you so that your team can find out more about the topic. Even if the presenter in question cannot attend, they are certain to have talks and presentations available online for you to share with your team.