New Ways to Attract New Customers
New Ways to Attract New Customers
When it comes to attracting new customers, it would seem that everything has been done before. From flyers and newspaper adverts to pay-per-click ads and sweepstakes competitions, it is difficult to break new ground in marketing to potential customers.New ways to attract new customers

The trick is to think creatively about your offerings and your current customers, and come up with unique and business-specific marketing ideas that will open the eyes of new clientèle. This does not mean you have to come up with entirely new ways of marketing but new ways of using marketing techniques to bring in new customers.

Here are eight ideas you can consider using to attract new clients:

1. Start a benefit programme. Yes, everyone has a version of benefits for ‘special’ members, from vet shops with free food after purchasing 15 bags of pet food to medical plans offering rewards for gym visits. But if you can invent a programme unique to your business, you’re already ahead. Make sure benefit tier levels are not restrictive by requiring too much commitment or effort from customers and ensure the rewards match the level of effort individual customers have put into achieving benefit tiers. Consider using Microsoft’s Cortana Intelligence Suite ( to build smart applications using your customer data.

2. Reward customers for referring others to you through online social sharing or sweepstakes competitions by awarding competition entries for sharing with friends or simply offering a free gift or cheapest-item-free-offer with their next next purchase. Make it worthwhile for your customer to send others your way.

3. Build relationships with related businesses so that you become someone to whom they turn to for assistance, be it for media contacts, suggestions for other professionals, or even a recipe. In turn, these businesses will recommend you when the moment comes that someone is looking for exactly what you offer.

4. Become an expert in your field by offering free talks, either in person or online, and writing articles or ebooks for the industry. A good online presence and a clear expertise in your industry is certain to attract new customers, especially since you are in essence giving away your best advice for free. Use Microsoft Word to create an ebook or purchase Book Creator ( from the Microsoft Store.

5. Introduce the public to your business by organising an event linked to a trending social cause and ensure all proceeds are given to the cause at the end of the day. People love a company that is socially committed and responsible beyond the usual.

6. Make sure it is easy for your clients to reach your support division, if relevant to your industry. Have a dedicated support email address in Outlook and respond quickly, make sure your contact line is in order, and pay attention to social media. If your business revolves around a mobile application, add a phone support button so that your company is immediately reachable. Microsoft Dynamics 365 ( offers a tool that creates a coherent service experience for your business.

7. Organise a flash sale on a particular day for only a few hours and advertise this limited offer far and wide. You will immediately have the attention of new customers.

8. Give away something for free. This works well if your gift is located in your immediate community, like paying to landscape the local park, since your biggest potential market is just around the corner. And make sure the media knows about it.