Marketing Tips and Tricks
Marketing Tips and Tricks
On the surface, marketing seems to be a very basic tool to grow your customer base and generate new leads, but the digital revolution has complicated things, particularly since your message is likely to be drowned out in the sheer cacophony of messages your clients are bombarded with every day.Marketing Tips and Tricks

If you find your traditional tools are no longer turning into conversions and leads, here are 10 tricks that are certain to change the way the cookie crumbles:

1. Spend a little extra on social media advertising. Many companies’ fan bases on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are hardly seeing any of their content and a paid boost is certain to convert into new and unique clients.

2. Challenge your traditional advertising company to be creative with marketing content for your company and only pay for the advertising space if the advert has resulted in interest or a sale.

3. Follow your competitors’ mentions online to discover if your company can also be mentioned in the same context. Do not be competitive in this case but look for a way in which a mention of your company will add to the conversation in a fair and yet informative manner.

4. Focus on your customer - they need to get something of value from you any information you are marketing must be valuable to their individual success.

5. Engage with your customers. It doesn’t help bombarding their social media timelines with promotional pieces that have nothing to do with their current mindset - respond to their tweets, become involved in conversations, and converse with your client base.

6. Focus on a single keyword when running online advertisements, tailor-make a couple of ads based on that keyword, test them out, and then run the advertisement that does the best.

7. Make use of content aggregators - as many as you can. The more your content is spread across the Internet, the more likely you are to get conversions and new clients.

8. Give professional and good advice on sites such as Quora and Klout and include a link to your business website, of course.

9. Collaborate with other companies to offer a free set of products or a package of services at a special price.

Invest in an automated marketing product such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 ( , which provides solutions to aid you in creating, testing, and executing marketing plans, evaluating them, and identifying target markets with tools such as media planning, budget management, integrated CRM, and Multichannel Campaign Management, amongst others. Integrate it with Power BI ( to analyse your data and share valuable insights with your team.