I Conquered the Conference: Now What?
I Conquered the Conference: Now What?
So you’ve attended that important conference, networked with too many people to remember, made lists of contacts, made books worth of notes, and even bought the t-shirt. But what to do with all that information?I Conquered the Conference: Now What?
 It may seem intimidating at first, especially since you’re no longer at the conference and the memories are starting to dim, but there is a way to make the most of the conference in terms of networking and contacting individuals after the fact, what you’ve learnt, and how you can use it.

Follow this check-list to stay on top of your post-conference blues:

1. Read through your notes and take out those that are unimportant. Then collate them all in one place - record contact information from business cards, napkins, and notepads, and type out notes you made at particular sessions. While this might seem time-consuming at first, you’ll be able to find everything easier than when you no longer remember the conference. Once you’ve read through them, make a note of the most important things you learnt at the conference, whether from sessions or people you met. Also, gather together all your new contacts.

2. As soon as you can, grab some highlighters and divide your fresh contact list into three categories: those you wish to contact as soon as possible, who may be or are valuable to your business; those who you wish to contact in the future; and those you’d just like to send a follow-up email to. Go through the names of the first and second categories and make notes about how these people can aid you for future reference, if you have not already done so. Also separate those names for whom you have no contact details so you can find the information you need.

3. Email the people in your contact list. Your first category should have at least two people on it who could represent a significant opportunity for your venture and with these people you should aim to strike up a conversation on how your businesses could benefit each other. The second and third categories simply require a friendly email along the lines of saying it was nice to meet them - this will help keep you fresh in their minds if they require assistance from you or know someone who might. Some people like to send follow-up emails to as many people as possible, but others like to keep their business contacts streamlined - it’s all up to you.

4. Now is the time to write any blog posts or articles about the conference. If you have no content requirement, post your media online or into the Cloud - videos, photos, recordings. This will be helpful for those who were unable to attend the conference and will also be a welcome resource for those who did attend, especially if you are able to tag those involved. It will give them a greater incentive to contact you.

5. Take some time out to relax. Whether or not you travelled to the conference, mass events are always stressful and you’ll need some quiet time to digest what you’ve learnt and to recover. With luck you’ll have a fresh outlook about the conference and how what you learnt can help your business.