Out-of-the-Box Marketing Ideas
Out-of-the-Box Marketing Ideas
Spreading knowledge about your business and attracting new clients is a cornerstone of any business, but you cannot help but ask: has it all been done before?Out-of-the-Box Marketing Ideas

It is tough to find a unique way of representing your company and growing the business’s client base. However, with a little forward- and innovative thinking, it is possible to discover - or create - new ways of reaching your target market.

The constant progress of online technologies has resulted in basic blogs, ebooks, or Instagram profiles failing to set your business apart from others drowning the market with their own marketing tricks. Consider using one of these out-of-the-box techniques to attract new business:

1. Launch an eye-catching and creative contest that includes several calls to action, such as visiting your website, following your business on Twitter, liking it on Facebook, and sharing it with your friends, with every conversion counting as an entry into the competition. This is an excellent way to grow your contact base, increase traffic to your social pages and website, and spread the word about your offering.

2. Encourage your clients to be advocates of your brand by offering them incentives to complete challenges, write reviews, upload articles, and comment on blogs and forums. Include different levels of rewards, with ever-increasing privileges. Find a referral marketing programme that works for you, or create your own: watch Small Business Academy’s episode on ‘The Power of Referral Marketing’ ( to find out how. Ensure the program you use can speak to customer relations management programmes so that your sales force can follow up on new leads.

People love quizzes: it’s ideal interactive content and many people will challenge themselves if a link shows up on their timeline. The correct way to benefit from quizzes is to relate them to your company or a particular service you offer. If the quiz-taker does not do so well on the quiz, you can use the opportunity to share information about your company. Add to this the fact that many people will share the quiz and challenge their friends to better their score, and you have a winning technique. You can use Office 365’s Microsoft Forms to create a quiz and share it with customers via OneNote Online ( .

3. Expand your content offering from mere press releases, blog posts, and ebooks: add slide decks, create humorous GIFs to share on social media, post videos on Vimeo or YouTube, create infographics related to your offering for Twitter and Instagram, and optimise all these items for SEO and keywords to drive traffic to your site and increase your business’s overall spread online.

4. Inspire user-generated content such as selfies or tweets about your service with a particular hashtag. This can tie in to a contest or quiz, or you can use it as part of a campaign to spread knowledge about your company.

5. Give back to your customers in some way: offer workshops and events, find a CSI project close to your customers’ hearts, and take notice when customers go out of their way to share your content or make positive commentary about you: return the favour and you’ll be in their good books.