The Largest Road Safety Initiative Ever Undertaken In South Africa

Hlokomela Taxi-Care Itis a partnership between the South African National Taxi Council (SANTACO) andADD Uncapped.


Stickers on the back window of each vehicle.

1650 x 550

Stickers on the inside of the vehicle:

30cm x 45cm in 3 areas.The left and right hand side as well as the top front of the commuter area.

Media rental

Partnerships with growing South African SMMEs, offering them access to this platform.

Our aim is to keep the SMMEs involved to a minimum in order to offer the best possible return and to secure a long-term relationship that benefits both parties through USSD Tagging, data base capturing and mining.


•       ProductionR750.00 (once off)

•       MediaRental R 750.00 per month/per vehicle

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